Almost all marketers are taking data-driven investment decisions based on analytics. Guts and experience will always offer a considerable advantage, but technology provides the tools to attribute the specific effect of our marketing drivers and identify the ROI of our decisions. Traditional Marketing Mix Modelings provided strategic clues about the performance of the go-to-market decisions; but now, sophisticated attribution models can integrate all the data which affects the customer journey towards the purchase decision (or away from it, in certain cases). The right algorythm is identifying, in real time, the weigth of each driver in the corversion rates for every single product/category/target, opening the windows of precise simulations and predictive models to be activated in the fast lane.

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Project Details

  • Date: 2023

Project Story

Our client needed to integrate all proprietary information (including sales, CRM, media, promotions, pricing, distribution) with external data sources (competitors' indicators available of such fields, macroeconomics, weather, calendar....) in order to provide their team with a tool based on facts for decision making. We just integrated the specifics of Marketing into the running models already working in the company (operations' optimization, demand planning and people analytics), as all these drivers interact as a whole. In the case there is a sufficient amount of data, we introduce Machine Learning techniques to generate multiple simulations, in order to optimize the mix of drivers in every moment. The resut is an affordable resource to face the real Return of every decision the team has to face in their day to day tasks.