As businesses open-to-public face a labour cost as high as 35% of their incomes, any optimization in this budget will impact their bottom line. The hospitality sector, more than others, has to deal with variable demand and flexible human resources structures to adjust their staffs to such demand. Nestled models are used both to help predict the workload at any given moment (or department), and design the optimal structure to assist those clients. Furthermore, this prediction has to be done early enough to organize/communicate properly the shifts to the team.

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Project Details

  • Date: 2018

Project Story

An important chain of 450+ restaurants needed to optimize their already well-planned human resources distribution in their kitchens and dining-halls. AI-based models were used to dimension the optimal structure for every 30 minutes period, every day of the week; then, this dimension was fitted into the best headcount according to the sort of contracts requested by the HR and financial teams. Finally, an automated distribution per employee was implemented to suit both optimizations.