The combination of abundant "high dimensionality data" (video, audio and image) with processes such as Artificial Vision, is discovering fields of opportunity beyond traditional classification algorythms: from being able to recognize, count and track people, cars or soda cans among the digital media data, to helping doctors identify malignant skin lesions more accurately than by simply using their eyesight. Businesses open to the public need, not only to dimension the inflow of visitors, but also to track all KPUs displayed at any time.

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  • Date: 2020

Live occupancy monitoring

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there is a high chance of government regulation regarding how many visitors your business can have inside at any given moment. With our solution, we can comply by connecting a standard IP camera system to the A.I. models, and setting up alerts or webhooks when your current occupancy exceeds the maximum value allowed. You can also use the occupancy data to optimize resources, measuring the ROI of campaigns and using results of hot spots in specific areas for marketing purpose.