The more data we can extract, transform and process from our clients, the better we can choose the correct moment, medium and message to contact each of them. Big Data-based CRM helps personalizing marketing efforts as a customer service management tool: not only improving the traditional clustering methods to personalize product recommendation on an individual basis, but also using Deep Learning techniques to derive an inbound call, from a robot to a specific operator or contact center, in cases where it detects an angry tone of voice.

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Project Details

  • Date: 2018

Project Story

A worldwide leader in Retail needed to address a series of CRM questions they couldn't answer with their traditional analytics provider. We processed all their databases and other external information sources, and finally identified the business potential/saturation for each of their units throughout the market. In this way, they were able to focus on their realistic objectives, while identified opportunities for future openings. On the other hand, they could optimize their CRM activities' opening and response ratios while incorporating cross-selling recommendations and personalized promotions (especially for "sleeping" customers).